How to set up an electronic learning environment?

elektronische leeromgeving

     Many organizations that want to train their employees structurally, set up an electronic learning environment to achieve this goal. When setting up an electronic learning environment, however, there are still a number of things to look out for. In this blog, we discuss the various aspects that can make an electronic learning environment a successful […]

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Multilingual e-learning for foreign locations

meertalige e-learning

                      In this blog we will further explore the possibility of making e-learning courses available in ProCademy for foreign locations. This contributes to the uniformity of your international business and stimulates the same worldwide method!         Due to globalization and the lightning-fast communication via the internet, international business is becoming easier and more attractive for entrepreneurs. After […]

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The e-learning platform: getting acquainted with online learning

                    E-learning is on the rise. The e-learning market is growing both worldwide and in the Netherlands, and more and more organizations are using this method of training. Given the many benefits that e-learning platform organizations have to offer, this growth is not weird. About these benefits of an e-learning platform you’ll learn more later on. […]

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Organize your courses smarter with procademy

                    Companies often manage to train the employee once on a specific topic. But what if the teaching material changes dramatically after a year? How do you ensure that the employee is automatically trained? The structural training and certification of employees is complicated for many companies. In this blog you can read how you, thanks to […]

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The effectiveness of e-learning according to scientific research

                                How effective is it to use e-learning in training courses? Is the learning efficiency really higher if we also provide e-learning for our course participants? Can you indicate when e-learning has added value and when not?In this blog an (over) courageous attempt to draw valuable and hopefully nuanced conclusions about the effectiveness of e-learning from […]

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Four frequently heard reasons to start with an online business school

                                “Many companies want to train their employees internally and continuously learn. Not in the last place to meet the legal obligations in the field of professional competence and knowledge assurance. We see that the classroom training is now combined with online education, in this blog you can read the frequently heard reasons for this.”         First of […]

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Interested in Moodle? Choose a better alternative!

                       Why is it better to choose an alternative than Moodle? We have executed an extensive Moodle project for a customer in the past. In addition to having lost a lot of valuable time, we also almost lost the customer. We want to save you such an unpleasant experience. Therefore a short explanation why, in our eyes, […]

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Let’s catch up: the procademy marketplace (December)

                                We have worked hard on this recently: the procademy marketplace. With the marketplace it is possible to easily share e-learning. In addition, we have implemented various other improvements. In this blog you can read all about these new developments! 🙂         The procademy marketplaceThe procademy marketplace offers you the possibility to share your e-learning module (s) with […]

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Do you want to create online training for software?

If you are going to launch a new software package, you want this to be as smooth as possible. It is very important that the end user knows how the software works. It is therefore advisable to allow the end user to practice with the software as realistic as possible.Interactive videoWith an interactive video you […]

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Yes! Second FD Gazelle Award (2016) in row

fd gazelle award procademy

 On 22 November 2016, internet agency esser-emmerik received the FD Gazellen Award.We are very proud & happy that we have achieved this for the second year in a row !! As a fast-growing part within esser-emmerik procademy is very proud of this recognition! We thank all procademy customers for the confidence in our product.And, of […]

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