How to set up an electronic learning environment?

elektronische leeromgeving    


Many organizations that want to train their employees structurally, set up an electronic learning environment to achieve this goal. When setting up an electronic learning environment, however, there are still a number of things to look out for. In this blog, we discuss the various aspects that can make an electronic learning environment a successful platform for your employees.


But before we start on that content, first a number of concepts at a glance. When you talk about an electronic learning environment, other concepts – which are about the same – are never far away. An electronic learning environment is also abbreviated to ELO or e-learning software. In this blog, we use the term electronic learning environment.

An integral electronic learning environment like ProCademy can be a real added value for the organization. However, the learning environment must be well organized. Therefore in this blog a number of possibilities that every electronic learning environment should contain in any case.

Possibilities for interaction

In contrast to the ‘traditional’ ways of training and education, an electronic learning environment offers plenty of room for interaction. By means of videos, sound clips, icons, and images, the student can be stimulated in many ways. This does not only make it more fun to follow the training, but it will probably also yield better results.

Research shows that ninety percent of the information sent to our brains is visual. Our brains also absorb visual information faster and better than text. An electronic learning environment offers an excellent opportunity to integrate ‘visuals’ structurally in your training sessions!

Stimulating and activating

A good electronic learning environment is, therefore, inspiring for your employees. A big advantage for employers is that they have a clear dashboard at their disposal where they can see all the progress. In this way, you always have a clear overview of the training that has already been achieved, which course participants encounter and who may need a helping hand. In extensive reports, all data can be downloaded clearly so that the information remains well guaranteed and can be communicated.

Because these are valuable and privacy-sensitive data, it is important that the electronic learning environment is safe. At ProCademy all data is placed with an ISO 27001 certified hosting party in the Netherlands. This guarantees safety!

The electronic learning environment that improves the organization 

Are you considering creating an electronic learning environment for your employees? Do not forget the above points. This way you prevent that with an electronic learning environment you only exchange the ‘paper for a screen’, but you actually make the training different and better. This way the electronic learning environment can contribute to better results for the entire organization!

Enthusiastic about the functions and many advantages of an electronic learning environment? There is a big chance that procademy can save time and money, plus many well-trained employees will make a profit! To discover this yourself for your own organization, you can request a demo or acquaintance here for free.