Multilingual e-learning for foreign locations

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In this blog we will further explore the possibility of making e-learning courses available in ProCademy for foreign locations. This contributes to the uniformity of your international business and stimulates the same worldwide method! 

Due to globalization and the lightning-fast communication via the internet, international business is becoming easier and more attractive for entrepreneurs. After all, customers from all over the world are at your doorstep, literally and figuratively. A consequence of this trend is that Dutch companies get more branches abroad. This is an effective way to better serve new foreign customers after all. Foreign offices often mean foreign employees. And they often speak a different language.

Yet companies do want to continue to show uniformity and continuously streamline the processes in the various countries. The same training for all employees – no matter in which country they work and follow the training – is an important way to achieve this.

It may sound like a lot of work: offering training tailored to the language of all different employees. Fortunately, this is negligible with the e-learning software from ProCademy.

Easily translate e-learning content 

The ProCademy software has been developed in such a way that various changes can easily be implemented on a large scale. So when you make a change in one of your training, you can immediately adjust this change for all linked translations. For example, offering the same training in several languages hardly yields extra work, while the range is much larger.

It does not matter in how many countries you are active. A teaching component can be linked to an unlimited number of translations. Thanks to the applications of ProCademy, you can manage and add translations completely by yourself. These screenshots show how translating trainings in ProCademy works!

e-learning vertalen
In the screenshot above you can see how you can link existing teaching material to a translation.
e-learning vertalen
In the screenshot above you can see how you can easily copy the original lesson material so that you only have to replace the text with the translation.

In which languages is ProCademy available?

How many languages there are worldwide is not entirely clear, but the last estimate is based on six to seven thousand languages. In that respect, the number of languages in ProCademy is a bit stark. But fortunately, most relevant languages are already present! For example, ProCademy supports all languages in the European Union.

Feel free to contact us for a full up-to-date list, but at the moment the following languages are available: Bulgarian, Danish, German, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Czech, Flemish and Swedish.

A wide range with the training of ProCademy

It should therefore be clear that ProCademy can be deployed worldwide and thus has a very large potential. All translations are easy to manage thanks to the smart software that is hidden behind ProCademy. As an employer and developer of training you always have a clear overview of the translations that are linked to certain reading content. A little extra effort, but a big result!

Enthusiastic about the features and many benefits of an international e-learning platform? There is a big chance that procademy can save time and money, plus many well-trained employees will make a profit! To discover this yourself for your own organization, you can request a demo here for free.