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vakbekwaamheid en e-learning          
Companies often manage to train the employee once on a specific topic. But what if the teaching material changes dramatically after a year? How do you ensure that the employee is automatically trained? The structural training and certification of employees is complicated for many companies. In this blog you can read how you, thanks to e-learning software, also organize the (repeat) courses smartly and you make the employees responsible for their own development.



Overview of training data

Training dates provide insight into who, where and what training has taken place and what the results are. The e-learning modules (training courses) that employees follow are automatically processed in the reports. In addition to the (private) online courses, you can easily add externally followed courses. This can be done with a manual action, but also on the basis of a link with an existing course administration system.

Insight into (re)certification

Keeping different expiration dates (validity of the training) per person is very time-consuming without software. You want insight into who is where in the learning process (training) and that the certification is in order. Some courses never expire, but other programs must be repeated annually, biennially or once every 10 years (VCA).

Procademy activates your employees

Procademy reminds the participants of outstanding programs, so that they complete them on time. In contrast to Microsoft Excel, Procademy proactively deals with the data. For example, the employee automatically receives an e-mail 2 months in advance to start the repetition of HACCP training. In this way you make the employee responsible for his personal development. Choose how often and in what way the employees are approached. It is therefore no longer necessary to manually track an overview in Microsoft Excel.

A practical example

opleidingen organiseren met e-learning software

This is Dennis Schimmel, he is a packer at the cheese wholesaler “Hollandse kazen en meer B.V.” Dennis needs HACCP knowledge to carry out his work hygienically and responsibly. It is also required by law to follow training in the field of food safety.

Step 1: Invite the employees to the training(s)

In Procademy you prepare the necessary training based on job, role and department. For example, you can add HACCP for all “packers” (such as Dennis). Here you indicate how much time the employees receive for following the course, for example within 30 days.

Set the validity of the course so that it will be repeated automatically in the future. You only have to set this up once per program. In this case a validity of 24 months is set. Dennis receives a reminder two months in advance to follow the course again.

Step 2: The employees receive the invitation by e-mail (and/or SMS)

After the HACCP training is linked, Dennis (and the other packers) receives an automatic e-mail. The e-mail states that Dennis can start with the HACCP training and when it must be completed. When Dennis logs in, he sees this clearly in his training overview.

Step 3: Dennis has not started after 20 days

The system shows that after 20 days Dennis has not started with the HACCP training. Dennis will automatically receive a reminder e-mail about this. In the reminder, e-mail is also stated how much time he still has to follow the training yet.

The administrator can flexibly adjust the various reminders and notifications. Both the trigger (reason for the e-mail or SMS) and the moment of automatic sending as the content are customizable.

Step 4: Dennis has completed the training and receives a certificate

Dennis has started the HACCP training immediately after the reminder e-mail. After 4 days Dennis has successfully completed the training, he will receive a personal digital certificate by e-mail after completion. The certificate states that the course is valid for 24 months.

Step 5: All of Dennis’s activity has been updated in the reporting

All Dennis’s activities are continuously updated in the reports. It now also states that Dennis must repeat the HACCP course within 24 months. Dennis (and all other packers) receives timely reminders that the HACCP course needs to be repeated again.