Child helpline Netherlands (Stichting de Kindertelefoon)

Merel Luichies

“Without procademy, we would not be able to install our new ICT system smoothly. ”

Merel Luichies Policy officer Stichting de Kindertelefoon

“Procademy is very accessible. After a morning of instruction we were able to start immediately and we were able to instruct other colleagues ourselves. At the same time, the support of procademy is always available to help. That’s why it felt like learning on the job: you start training and as soon as you get stuck you call for help. We now know pretty well how it works and we therefore have to call less and less frequently. The people of procademy are still there for us and the lines are short.”

“Another advantage are the various templates of exercises that are available and easy to insert into your training. You don’t have to think about the design of an exercise yourself and then build it. Once you know which templates is suitable, you just have to choose the right one, fill it in and the job is done.”

Read the full review? Download the case about the Kindertelefoon. (Dutch)

Download the case about the Kindertelefoon.(Dutch)


Elementis Specialties Netherlands

Raymond Bouwmeester

“ The user friendliness of ProCademy is very good for both the author and the student. ”

Raymond Bouwmeester Training Coordinator

“The advantage of ProCademy is that we can now offer our employees, and in some cases also the contractors, a personalised training much faster. Moreover, we can record the qualifications and competencies of our people in the system in a good and efficient way. Managers also see in real time which training courses have been completed or rejected, so that they can better follow the development of their employees.”

“What I find to be very positive is the ease of use for both the authors and the users ensures that we have been able to publish an average of 1 to 2 modules per month. In addition, procademy stands out by the way in which they think along with us. That has made it a lot easier for us to make the LMS a success. “

“Elementis Specialties Netherlands (ESN) developed a multi-year program for learning activities in the context of safety and compliance. The employees and contractors partly use an electronic learning environment .”

Hansa Flex Nederland B.V.

Edwin Bril
Edwin Bril

“ProCademy is a user-friendly and especially affordable solution that we were really waiting for in this market. The auditor expressed his appreciation for this solution .”

Edwin Bril QHSE Manager

Hansa-Flex Nederland B.V. system supplier in the field of hydraulic solutions, has found the solution in ProCademy for certifying the service technicians on OHSAS 18001 very convenient. OHSAS is an internationally applied British standard for the Occupational Health & Safety management system.

“Already in the first few months more than 30% of our service technicians have done the first exam. Taking the exams gives the technicians the feeling that the employer has developed something special for them; they are more aware of safety and experience the exam as proof of their knowledge. “The exam is taken online and consists of a varying selection of 15-20 questions from a total of about 100 questions. “In this way, we prevent answers from being passed on,” says Bril. “They can, of course, look up everything online, but they are also consciously involved with the matter. We like that much more than that only having them to sign that they have understood the matter .”

“Esser emmerik is not only the developer of the ProCademy tool, we also found a very involved partner in them. After the training, I can prepare, complete and adjust the questions for the exams if there is a need. But if there is no need to change anything, they are ready for us; they have the ability to think along with us in solutions. This means that their product is and remains custom-made, “says Bril. “This certification is not just a paper, but we can demonstrate that the knowledge stays in our technicians’ heads and that they really work safely. The auditor expressed his enthusiasm for the solution and indicated that we are at the forefront of the parent company in Germany. But it is also a compliment for esser-emmerik, who have developed a user-friendly and, above all, affordable solution that we were really waiting for in this market.”


Rob Masseling

“One of the few platforms with the right price-quality ratio ”

Rob Masseling Owner Masseling HRD

“As a training scientist, I obviously follow the developments in the field of eLearning. After having gone wrong years ago, eLearning is back again! What we have learned from the past is that eLearning should not be the only form of education but in blended learning concept (a combination of eLearning physical education) it works perfectly. The eLearning platforms have also taken a real flight in terms of functionality. one learning environment looks even better than the other, and whatever you can do with it is also fantastic, but what do you really need? With which ELO is the balance between price and functionality/quality good? “

“ProCademy is in my experience one of the few platforms with that correct price-quality ratio. My compliments! “

A rewarding investment

With the ProCademy LMS you can organize the (additional) training of your employees more flexibly, resulting in a profit in production time. Thus travel costs are no longer made.

With the ProCademy LMS you can manage all certifications within your company online. No more complex excelsheets, but smart and easily readable online reports and notifications.