The e-learning platform: getting acquainted with online learning

e-learning platform          
E-learning is on the rise. The e-learning market is growing both worldwide and in the Netherlands, and more and more organizations are using this method of training. Given the many benefits that e-learning platform organizations have to offer, this growth is not weird. About these benefits of an e-learning platform you’ll learn more later on. First of all, we go back to the basics, because what exactly is an e-learning platform?



E-learning stands for electronic learning. It is an online learning environment that is (often) hosted in the “cloud”. The users can log in from behind their computer or laptop, but also via a tablet/smartphone. On an e-learning platform, they can not only learn and test themselves in an old-fashioned way but also with interactive videos, sound clips, and icons and images.

The only thing that the users need is the internet and a web browser. With their own username and password, they can then log in to their own overview page. Here they can see which courses they still have to follow, or the ones they have already achieved. The employer has the complete overview and can see exactly what the situation is for each employee.

What does the e-learning platform ProCademy offer?

Procademy is an online platform that enables organizations and trainers to offer e-learning user-friendly to their employees. If you work as an organization with procademy you can develop the e-learning modules yourself. Here you can use no less than thirty interactive learning/game elements. This allows you to organize the training exactly as you wish, but also keep it fun and varied for your employees.

As stated above, every employee can simply log in to the e-learning platform, just when he wants to. Employees therefore get a lot of freedom with procademy; they can decide when they study. They can go through the entire learning process at their own pace. Employees can also be reminded by automatic emails and SMS messages through procademy.

Procademy is not only a good learning environment for employees. The e-learning platform also works well for you as an employer. Via clear dashboards and reports you always have insight into the progress that employees make. So you can always keep an eye on the progress and adjust where necessary. All data is safely stored with an ISO 27001 certified hosting party. And do you work internationally? No problem, all languages within the EU are supported by procademy!

In addition, an e-learning platform such as procademy guarantees a uniform transfer of knowledge. This means that every employee is tested in exactly the same way. The organization can also demonstrate that the employees are trained thanks to this structured method. This is a legal obligation in some branches.

Another – not unimportant – advantage for organizations are the costs. For the use of procademy you pay a fixed price per participant for unlimited use. Everything is incorporated in this, the ISO 27001 hosting, maintenance and unlimited support. For companies, the costs are only between €20 and €30 per employee per year for an unlimited number of trainings and use.!

Is e-learning platform for your organisation?

Enthusiastic about the features and many benefits of an e-learning platform? There is a big chance that procademy can save time and money, plus many well-trained employees will make a profit! To discover this yourself for your own organization, you can request a demo here.